Our Approach

developing children holistically

At afterschool holistic child development is at the core of our curriculum. We help facilitate growth and development across all key domains of a child’s holistic development - Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social.

Physical Domain
Outdoor Learning and Values In Action

Intellectual Domain
Focus on Drama, Creative Expression, and Current Affairs

Emotional Domain
Focus on Character Development and Social-Emotional Skills

Social Domain
Focus on sense of agency (self awareness) and purposeful interaction

Through providing children with engaging experiences, we help to develop holistic key life skills that will equip them for success in school and beyond.

Developing The Child Holistically Through Our L3 Approach:

Learn – Lead – Lift

Our afterschool experiential approach is based on this philosophy where children will learn and internalise their daily learning through well-designed platforms that help apply to real-life situations.


We Learn From Experiences And Reflections

Teachers will customise learning journeys and activities based on our children’s interests and learning inclinations.


We Lead By Good Examples

Through providing a plethora of meaningful opportunities for collaboration across the ages in different activities, we teach children how to lead through setting good examples for others.


We Lift Others Through Positive Actions And Words

With a commitment to the character education of our children, they will learn how to lift others through their positive actions and words. This, in turn, helps to lift the children themselves.

developing & empowering children through experiential learning

Every child’s dream is different and our role at afterschool is to support their dream by developing them into responsible and holistic individuals.

We empower our students through our experiential learning approach where they actively experience, reflect and apply what they’ve learned. We accomplish this by focusing on building the 4 core character traits of every child - Sociable, Resilient, Confident and Joyful.


Children will learn to relate and interact with their classmates and understand the importance of teamwork through our various group activities and games.


Students will be given mini-challenges and tasks to accomplish individually as well as in groups to teach them the importance of pushing through and not giving up.


Through confidence-building activities, children will learn through experience and build lasting confidence by reflecting on what they have done and applying it to future scenarios.


With our tinkering corner, children will participate in activities that include building models and figures of what makes them joyful and present them to the class.

we go beyond the classroom and school

Through planned excursions during the holidays, we bring students to national landmarks to learn about Singapore’s nation-building with fellow classmates and group activities planned around the excursion.