about afterschool

Developing Children Who Are Ready For Life

At afterschool, we believe the holistic development of your child continues after lessons end in school. Started by NTUC First Campus in 2016, we seek to provide working families with holistic, reliable and quality student care.

Based within the primary schools itself, we go beyond providing a continuum of care after school hours, we also develop our students through engaging experiences helping to develop them in becoming sociable, resilient, confident and joyful individuals. We accomplish this by balancing homework supervision together with providing curated programmes that complement each school’s mission, vision and values in a home-like environment.

With over 8 locations in various primary schools across Singapore, we are partners with parents and teachers in helping to develop children through an integrated learning experience throughout the school year.

our programmes

The programme and activities are designed to complement and align with MOE’s Primary School Curriculum objectives and each school’s vision, mission and values. We are committed to providing children with a joyful afterschool experience with a myriad of experiential activities, guided homework supervision and healthy meals provision under the utmost love and care by our team of qualified teachers.


our teachers

At afterschool, we select the best teachers that are not just great bearers of knowledge, but also guides and companions to students, helping our children in their journey of experiential learning. Our teachers are handpicked for their commitment to helping children develop into holistic individuals.